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Since 1987, Delavan Auto Service, Inc. has been serving Cheektowaga, Amherst and Buffalo, NY with professional auto repair and maintenance services. Our ASE certified technicians specialize in all types of vehicle maintenance and repairs for foreign and domestic cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks. Call us today at 716-633-2200 for a convenient appointment!

New York State Inspection Specialists

Delavan Auto Service

Brake Service

If your brakes are squeaking or worn down, get to our auto service center today. At Delavan Auto Service, we replace and repair brakes for all makes and models of vehicles. Don't wait! Keep your family safe when you are on the road with professional brake services.

Anti-lock Brake System Repair - Authorized Wagner Dealer

Wagner Brake Products

Steering & Suspension

The suspension system on your vehicle allows it to keep steady and even for driving. When a suspension system is not working correctly it can cause heavy wear and tear on your tires. Delavan Auto Service inspects all of the following suspension system parts: Ball Joints, Control Arms, Shock Absorbers, Springs, Struts. Part of this process may result in a wheel alignment for better driving and longevity to your suspension system as a whole.

Authorized Monroe Dealer



After time, normal wear and tear on your tires will happen. Balding or worn tires can be very dangerous in snowy or rainy weather. Also, hydroplaning can happen when you hit a puddle driving at higher speeds. It is very important that you have experts like the ones at Delavan Auto Service to take a look at the condition of your tires. Here are a few things to look for yourself:

  • The depth of your tire is 1/16th of an inch or lower.
  • The tread of the tire is a great initial indicator of worn tires.
  • Your tire is showing cracks and cuts that can cause air leaking.
  • Bulging and blister like deformities.

Authorized Mastercraft Tires Dealer, as well as most major brands

Mastercraft Tires

Oil, Lube and Filter Change

Routine oil and filter changes are key to keeping your car running smoothly for years. Each vehicle is different, which means oil and filter changes may differ. Delavan Auto Service can look up your vehicle's maintenance schedule, and recommend these services necessary to protect your investment, maintain its efficiency, and prolong its life.

Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system is more than just a muffler that reduces noise. It's a series of piping that connects to the catalytic converter that keeps toxic fumes away from the passengers in the vehicle. It also helps reduce pollutants that can harm our environment. Unless your exhaust system is running in great condition, you won't be able to pass a New York State Inspection test.

Authorized Walker Dealer

Walker Exhaust Systems

NYS Inspection

There are several different reasons to get an inspection: maintaining a reliable vehicle, prepping for a road trip, getting prepared for the upcoming season or ensuring a car is in working condition when given to a friend or family member. As part of a certified inspection station, Delavan Auto Service offers complete vehicle inspection services. Here is what our vehicle inspections include:

  • Battery, Charging And Starting
  • Emissions
  • Engine Mechanical
  • Fuel
  • Ignition
  • Powertrain Control (Including Onboard Diagnostic Checks)

Heating and Cooling Services

Having an issue with your car's heater or air conditioner? Buffalo has warm summers and brutally cold winters. With our A/C and heating repairs, we can make your driving experience much more comfortable. Contact us today to learn more!

Auto Electrical

Dead batteries, bad alternators and misfiring starters will keep your car from running. Are your power windows or radio not working properly? Delavan Auto Service in Cheektowaga, NY repairs all aspects of vehicle electrical issues.

Authorized Interstate Dealer

Interstate Batteries


Delavan Auto Service serves Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas with towing services to get your car, truck or van to our shop for repair. Accidents, a dead battery and bad weather are all things that can happen to anyone. Our affordable towing services will get you out of the unfortunate situation you may find yourself in.

Transmission Service

Delavan Auto Service provides complete transmission services. Using the latest technology, we can efficiently clean out the sludge and other build-up in your transmission. We will then put in new high-grade fluid to protect and improve performance. Depend on our experts for the honest, reliable auto service you deserve.

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